Chris Paschane, CEO of HECM HELPERS, has built a remarkable reputation for himself through his unwavering commitment to helping and serving others.
Whether it was his service as a Gulf War Veteran or his countless endeavors as a Fitness Trainer, Yoga Teacher, or Jiu-Jitsu Coach, Chris has always found fulfillment in selflessly assisting those around him. His relentless belief that true contentment is found in the service of others serves as the driving force behind his relentless work ethic. He understands that by helping enough people achieve their desires, he can ensure the well-being of his own family.

It was twenty one years ago when Mr. Paschane ventured into the mortgage industry and noticed an inexplicable tarnishing of the HECM loan's reputation. Ironically, during this time, his grandparents were expressing their satisfaction with their own HECM loan.

Driven by his deep concern for his grandparents' financial future, Chris felt compelled to research the HECM loan with the objective to uncover the truth behind this loan option, determining whether it was a predatory scheme that necessitated his grandparents' withdrawal or an underappreciated gem within the mortgage industry that genuinely empowered retirees.

To unravel this mystery, Mr. Paschane devoted countless hours to studying the HECM loan. He engaged in extensive discussions with HECM loan experts, financial planners, attorneys, and other professionals in the field. Additionally, he delved into numerous comprehensive studies on reverse mortgages conducted by reputable organizations such as AARP, FHA, HUD, universities, and independent research firms.

During his research journey, Chris stumbled upon an illuminating AARP study that shed light on the reason behind the widespread misunderstanding of the HECM loan. The study revealed that retirees were being inadequately educated about HECM loans due to the limited and often misleading information they received. Whether through short television advertisements, overwhelming and conflicting content on the internet, hastily conducted counseling sessions by ill-informed individuals, misguided advice from family and friends, or the deceptive practices of loan officers posing as experts, retirees were left in the dark.

This discovery fueled Chris's determination to address this issue head-on. He set a personal goal for himself—to become the most knowledgeable and trustworthy loan originator in the reverse mortgage industry.

Today, Chris Paschane is widely recognized as the #1 Most Trusted HECM HELPER in America, thanks to his dedication to provide accurate information and reliable assistance to retirees seeking financial solutions. His mission is to ensure that retirees receive the education they deserve and make informed decisions regarding HECM loans, empowering them to retire with confidence and security.

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