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Vietnam Veteran shares his Reverse Mortgage "MIRACLE"​

In his own words, Scott Robinson shares his “Reverse Mortgage MIRACLE”.

“My name is Scott Robinson. I’m a Vietnam-era Army Officer with 18 years of service who has been rescued by a miracle I want to share with all my fellow veterans because it could be your miracle that will also give YOU the ability to enter your senior years with confidence and the knowledge that you can retire much better with much less financial stress to manage your future.

We all have a unique story, here’s mine. My wife and I are 74 and 73. We both have chronic illnesses that prevent us from working. Due to a variety of circumstances, we no longer have any retirement savings. Therefore, we were out of money and we were carrying debt we couldn’t repay because our only remaining income was our small social security checks.

Making matters worse, we were unable to get a traditional cash-out loan on a 30 yr fix or even a home equity loan because our credit scores had deteriorated below 600. Also, multiple creditors were also aggressively filing judgments and liens against us. We considered declaring bankruptcy, but we were advised that a judge would probably force the sale of the home to discharge the debts.

We were so depressed and desperate with absolutely no idea how to avoid becoming homeless. As you may imagine, I felt like a failure.

One day, I saw an ad on FB for a Reverse Mortgage. My first thought was “no way”! But I realized that was just a gut reaction based on rumors I’ve heard. So, I simply decided to do my homework and see if this could help me.

To be honest, I was 99% sure I wouldn’t qualify anyway, but I decided to look into it anyway.

It was Sgt. Chris Paschane, Senior Licensed Loan Officer whom I was fortunate enough to speak with on my first call. As it turned out, he’s also a 90% Service Connected Disabled Veteran, like myself (100% SC-Disabled Veteran).

Chris was very honest and sincere with me saying, “Yes, you are a challenge, but I like challenges and I fund over 98% of the loans I take on. Let me try to help you.” (BTW: I later learned Mr. Paschane has an MBA and has funded over a Billion dollars in loans in all the states he’s licensed in).

Let me tell you, my situation would have given most Loan Officers a massive ulcer, but regardless of all the ongoing issues of my judgments and liens popping up, income challenges, property inspection challenges, and so many more challenges, Sgt. Paschane stayed the course with unprecedented resilience, confidence, and vital ingenious solutions. He did all this while providing the meaningful hand-holding and caring that my wife and I truly needed.

His consistent communications and positive affirmations to lift up our spirits when it looked like all the effort might not prevail were critical or we would have given up. But, since he refused to give up, we hung in there with him as he used his many years of experience to find solutions and overcome obstacles to deliver MY Miracle.

Finally, my MIRACLE was delivered—no more monthly mortgage payments, no more taxes, and insurance payments. We were now guaranteed to be able to remain in our homes until our deaths. Not only that, we paid off and eliminated ALL our debts, collections, judgments and liens!! AND, we were provided a line of credit that we could use to fix some things up in our home and even do a few nice things for ourselves.

How did we get our MIRACLE? Without a doubt, our Reverse Mortgage miracle was made possible by the nation’s number one ranked reverse mortgage Loan Officer who is successful because he is a truly a caring, highly knowledgeable individual known industry-wide as the “Reverse Mortgage Guru,” Chris Paschane.

Chris is a Gulf War disabled veteran looking out for other vets. He has an MBA and over a billion dollars in completed mortgages. But, here’s the fantastic thing about Chris; he never quits fighting for you. It’s truly unprecedented how hard he fought and how hard he worked to deliver this miracle.

If you need some stability in your life during these stressful times, if you need more monthly income, no mortgage payments, and the assurance you can remain in your home until your death, and if you are 62 or older with equity in your home, I strongly suggest you call Chris at 949-419-7272. He’ll perform a miracle for you too. It will positively and massively change your life! Don’t wait! Call now and see what benefits you can receive through the power of a Reverse Mortgage.

Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it because every word is true. The peace of mind that has been provided to my family by completing a Reverse Mortgage is ineffable.

Click on the link on top of the website that says, “Ready to Eliminate Your Mortgage Payment?” and get your own miracle.